Finlace launches the first ever property helpline in India

Finlace Consulting, Noida based reputed real estate consultancy, has launched Finlace Property Helpline, one-of-its-kind real estate helpline services, to offer 24×7 consultation and assistance to general public seeking help for property of all types across India. The property helpline can be reached out at 85100-85100 and in fact first time in India someone has taken this type of initiative in real estate industry to provide helpline services for common people. The objective of ‘Finlace Consulting’ behind launching this helpline is to create awareness regarding real estate amongst investors and aspiring buyers.


It will be managed by a large team of consultants, researchers and associates having years of knowledge in realty business. The property helpline will address to general real estate queries and questions coming from all across the country. It will be a one-stop helpline number to get information regarding property management, project updates, current real estate trends, home loans and property documentation. Even legal advisory regarding property and information on re-sale & rentals will be provided by Finlace Property Helpline. The property helpline will be available 24 X 7 throughout the year with real estate experts remaining just a call away.


Pawan Jasuja, director, Finlace Consulting, says, “We are quite elated to launch the property helpline and considers this as a great achievement by the company which has skyrocketed to success in a little time. Innovation and professionalism both have been characteristic of Finlace Consulting and with the launch of this new property helpline (85100-85100), the company is yet again exploring the new realms of property consultancy in India. The sole purpose of the property helpline is to make real estate and property knowledge accessible to general public at large.”


Homebuyers, investors and even the general public can get in touch with this property helpline and get simplified answers to their questions regarding real estate. The launch also marks professional approach in property industry which is new to Indian subcontinent. This service is first ever and one-of-its-kind in the country and will definitely help in generating real estate awareness. While there are many online real estate resources but in most cases a layman lacks proper knowledge of real estate sector. The property helpline by Finlace will thus perform a role of educator or advisor to thousands of prospective homebuyers and investors.