Amrapali holds workshop on earthquake resistant structures

Amrapali Group, in association with Ambuja Foundations organised a workshop on earthquake resistant structures for their engineers, supervisors & project managers at Noida. The initiative was taken by the Training & Development wing of Amrapali Group which is headed by Deepshikha, CEO, Training & Development. In this effort of hers she was assisted by her team members.


Also, the Training & Development wing of Amrapali Group has been proactively engaged in giving hands-on practical training in Civil Engineering to the students of institutes like NIET (Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology), Mewar University.


The workshop is one of its kinds and it caters to engineers and helps them understand the nitty-gritty of the challenging situation that is looming large, being in a seismic zone. With the occurrence of the earthquakes so often, it is imperative that the infrastructure development, which has been happening in a haphazard way (especially in East Delhi), is carried out keeping in mind that the aftermath of the catastrophe can be avoided by using the right engineering techniques. Past earthquakes show that over 95% of the lives lost were due to the collapse of building those were non earthquake resistant.


The sessions were quite informative, even a layman could benefit out of it. Creating awareness on matter like soil test report, quality of bricks & what should be the width of the column so as to sustain the building during the tremors makes even the end user more well-informed. Yogesh Barot and Rajiv Singla, seasoned coaches from Ambuja Foundations, have been doing these workshops from some time now.